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Thursday, September 24, 2009

How best to follow-up?

The act or an instance of following up, as to further an end or to review new developments:

The follow-up is often as important as the initial contact in gaining new clients.

It is really simple -
You send a proposal, you follow-up with your prospect;
You offer some services, you follow-up with your Customer for repeat business;
You sell a product, you follow-up with your Consumer to get feedback.

All this to better your business by improving your Customer Service offerings.

Follow-up is an act which resonates with your Client or Customer, which says that 'You Care'. It need not be an aggressive or a mechanical act - rather it is a must which helps any business improve through regular feedback as well as ensuring that the Client remembers you FIRST when he is on the lookout for a follow-up purchase!

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