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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Customer Service: Important or Vital.

Customer service is the service that a customer receives before, during and after a purchase. When so many competitors are trying to reach out to new customers, it is vital for any profitable business to retain old customers. Being on par in terms of price and quality is just the first step, but it’s the customer service provided which results in brand building, customer satisfaction and retention, and financial growth.

It is a well researched fact that one bad experience may result in a loss of more than one prospective customer and it may even damage the company’s reputation. We live in the information age and word does travel fast, rather ‘e-travels’. On the contrary, retaining an old customer through good customer service may bring in many more through positive feedback. Walt Disney’s observation about the entertainment business is certainly applicable to all businesses. He said, “Do what you do so well, so that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

Also a positive stress on delivering excellent customer service reflects on the work culture and sales performance of the staff members. A friendly person who could sell would be an ideal employee, but maybe not easy to find. But timely training and feedback could do wonders in the overall approach and attitude of the staff members towards the customers. Do remember if you don’t serve your customers well, somebody else will.

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